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Why are KPI’s important?

Why are KPI’s important?

Whether you’re working on marketing for your local business or a multi-location enterprise, you’ll want to see how local search results drive business-critical user actions.

Here’s a list of five local SEO KPIs that you need to learn how to measure;

1. Website Clicks

A lot has been said about the concept of using Soho’s Service Listing as your new home page. Soho’s local business platform continues to evolve its interface so that a searcher can conveniently do many things in its SERP (Search Engine Results Page) without clicking through to the business website.

2. Phone Calls

The phone rings. Someone wants to book something, buy something, or double-check that you can meet their specific needs.

3. Revenue

If you sell stuff on your website, website visitors via your Soho’s listing will likely be buying some of that stuff. This revenue is connected to the direct or organic channels depending on:

  • where that visitor came from
  • which device they’re using
  • their browser or app they’re using

4. Total Business Profile Interactions

The total number of actions taken on your Soho business profile is likely to be a valuable indicator of performance. Keep in mind that an increase in interactions is usually positive, but data interrogation is critical like any reporting.

5. Other Goals & Events

Every business is unique. Based on your goal charter, there are likely several goals that you have identified as being important to your business.

These are the 5 KPIs that we’re using to measure the performance of the campaigns that we run for our local business partners and their service listings.

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