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A guidebook on how to set the world on fire without going up in smoke!

If you want to:

  • Get things done that you’re always ‘too busy’ to do
  • Be more productive at work and home
  • Have more time for family, fun, leisure, and holidays
  • Enjoy your work more
  • Be happier & healthier
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Be motivated and uplifted
  • Make more time in your life for the thing
  • s that really matter

… then this book is for you.

In Time Balancement, Geoff gives ‘simple to act upon’ advice on how to improve productivity (both at work and home), while keeping your Work/Life Balance under control.

Using his own life and business experiences, combined with wisdom gained from researching hundreds of the world’s best presenters and writers, Geoff (in the first book of its kind), unearths practical solutions to conquer two of the biggest challenges we all face in our everyday lives: Time Management and Work/Life Balance.

Geoff believes you can’t be a good Time Manager if you don’t get your Work/Life Balance right and vice versa.

Time Management + Work/Life Balance = Time Balancement.

About the Author

Geoff Mulham is an Australian entrepreneur, trainer, author, and a leading authority on Time Management and Work/Life Balance.

Prior to publishing his book Time Balancement, Geoff spent four years researching and meeting with many of the country’s foremost Work/Life Balance and Productivity experts. This, coupled with Geoff’s own life and business experiences, gives him a unique perspective on how to be happier, healthier, and much more productive. Geoff’s particular expertise is in the area of Time Planning and Prioritising, to effectively create more hours and days in our increasingly time-poor lives.

Geoff ‘s goal is to help people of all ages learn to love their jobs, have fun every day (and not just on weekends), and live a healthy, successful, and meaningful life. Geoff has spent his entire corporate life managing the time of others – to the hour, minute and second. He truly knows the value of TIME.

Geoff’s early career was spent in senior Sales and Marketing roles in the Direct Marketing arena, followed by a series of highly successful start-ups in Corporate Event Management and Production. Geoff was a Director and partner in Veritas Events in Sydney for 7 years until the end of 2014 when he moved back into the Direct Marketing arena. Geoff’s clients have included some of the most successful companies in the world including Cisco, Lenovo, Unisys, Merck-Serono, Frito-Lay, Visa, NBNco, Gartner, Eftpos, Sun Microsystems, and VMware to name just a few.

There are plenty of presenters and authors who offer their secrets for success in life and business. And there are a few who think they have the Life Balance issue solved. But Geoff is the first person to offer concrete solutions linking both these areas, so not only do you increase your productivity, but most importantly you don’t compromise your fun and leisure time in the process.

Geoff lives on Sydney’s Northern beaches with his wife Melinda, daughters Neisha and Danielle, and pooches named Scout and Charlie-Girl.

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