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Talk story to me …

It’s about your story’s mood, experience, and relevance that you want to leave your audience with. Do they get your message and connect? Do they get “aha” about you??

Having spent years in magazine publishing, marketing communications and campaign development, we’re bored of the same-old imagery and lingo brands use. And, now, the buzzwords of “storytelling” and “story” get tossed around with little meaning or structure. And we know your “audience” is too!

We want you to get more views and clicks!

Whenever you are asked about your brand, you could tell a more compelling story. An impression of you can be created—the right one. And, you can either have a person’s interest or see their eyes glaze over.

We want your audience to feel more connected to and relevant to your brand. We want to break through people’s scepticism.

But we feel that the common style of business videos doesn’t leave that impact. Facts, figures, and analysis have their place, but they need the right framework of the story to humanize your brand – our brains, no matter how intelligent, need the step-by-step unfolding of your story as they self-discover your core message and the value to them.

We love producing films and animated videos, but before we grab the cameras and lights, we reach for the heart of things first. Storytelling should be referred to as “Story-feeling”—it’s about giving your audience the 2 + 2 and not “telling” them it’s 4!

The story-first approach will hold your audience tightly, increase their interest, and lead to rapport-building opportunities. This will attract more views, grow your audience base, and convert more prospects.

It’s about Lights, Interest, and Action!

Only then can we expect to trigger above-average responses from your audience.


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