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Nathan Hendry Photography

Cromer, NSW
  • ABN
    85 357 992 618

Nathan Hendry is an award-winning lifestyle photographer based in Sydney.

With over 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, he’s worked with some of Australia’s leading brands, including Freedom, Sealy, Bay Leather Republic, Fantastic Furniture, The Galleries Victoria, Rapee, Florence Broadhurst, and many more.

Whether it’s homewares, furniture, food, interiors, architecture, or outdoor locations, Nathan has a meticulous eye for detail and can capture stunning images regardless of the subject matter.

Nathan’s love of photography can be traced back to when he was handed his grandmother’s camera equipment. Apparently, she saw a talent in him from a very young age (or maybe it was the fact that he couldn’t draw to save his life). Either way, as time went on, he pursued his creativity through photography. This passion grew over the years to the point where he became a full-time professional photographer at the age of 20.

Nathan has always deeply appreciated design, art, and architecture, which he aims to reflect in his photography style. Whether it’s a beautiful piece of furniture or an inspiring interior space, he loves creating the right light and viewing angle to bring the original design to life.

Today, Nathan is just as passionate and dedicated as he was when he first embarked on his professional photography career.


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